Being a Redemptive Responder: Post-Election Edition

It was less than a week ago that I wrote of several key truths as we approached the election of a new President of the United States. It’s done; the people of the U.S. have made their choice. Believers in Jesus Christ now face several challenges and opportunities as they respond to the results…regardless of how we voted.

Many are watching the evangelical community closely, and these observers are going to come to their conclusions based on what they see in us. Let’s do our part to make sure we’re honoring the Lord with our words and our actions!

Here are some challenges we are facing:

  1. Do the values of President-Elect Donald Trump reflect my values? The Lord’s values?
  2. How will President-Elect Trump’s policies impact our future? Our children’s? Grandchildren’s?
  3. Will President-Elect Trump help heal and unite a very divided country and restore healthy relations globally?

And here are some opportunities:

  1. We must engage in earnest and urgent prayer for our new President-Elect, his administration, and the policy-makers of the nation. As a result believers will be drawn deeper into abiding with the Lord.
  2. We must trust in the Lord only, and not in Washington D.C.
  3. We must pray into office the Supreme Court justices who will impact the nation, and the world, for decades to come.
  4. We must value and love those who are distressed by the election results. The church can play a vital role in unifying a divided people.
  5. We must at all times reflect the character of Christ to all we meet, and be a witness, pointing others to their only hope.

When we go to our knees and earnestly bring our petitions and requests to our Lord, He listens! He reveals an opportunity to join Him as He continues His global redemptive work. We have the honor to be part of this effort by spending time with Him, hearing His perspective, and then responding only according to His desires.

Followers of Jesus Christ have been given an eternal hope that cannot be diminished by a presidential election! We have been given the opportunity to trust Him implicitly, to believe Him more, to put our hope in its proper place, and to become completely released from the fear of man.

What a historic moment in history and a timely opportunity for the church to be the church to a world that is desperately searching for hope, value, and love. Let’s not miss this opportunity to point others to Christ by our response to this election, and clearly communicate that our hope is only found in Christ and Christ alone.

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