A Presidential Win/Win

As the United States nears its presidential election, in November of this year, believers in Jesus Christ face several challenges and opportunities as they decide who will receive their votes.

The winning candidate will impact not only the United States, but will also impact the rest of the world. Many of my international friends are watching this race closely, because U.S. laws and policies often have a global ripple effect that impacts their nations as well.

The Challenges:

  1. Do the values of the candidate reflect your values? Our Lord’s values?
  2. Is the candidate trustworthy?
  3. How will the candidate’s policies impact our future? Our children’s? Grandchildren’s?
  4. How does the candidate reflect our culture?
  5. How does the candidate reflect who we are as a people?

The Opportunities:

  1. Each candidate will cause every believer to consider earnest and urgent prayer!
  2. Every believer will be drawn deeper into abiding with the Lord!
  3. Every believer will be given the opportunity to put their trust in the Lord only, and not in Washington D.C.!
  4. Every believer will be given the opportunity to pray for the new President, his or her administration, and the policy-makers of the nation!
  5. Every believer will be given the opportunity to pray into office several Supreme Court justices, who will impact the nation and the world for decades to come.

Praying believers are powerful believers. And prayer-less believers are powerless believers.

When we go to our knees and earnestly bring our petitions and requests to our Lord, He listens! He reveals an opportunity to join Him as He continues His global redemptive work. We have the honor to be part of this effort by spending time with Him, hearing His perspective, and then responding only according to His desires.

The true believer in Jesus Christ has been given an eternal hope that cannot be diminished by a presidential election! We have been given the opportunity to trust Him implicitly, to believe Him more, to put our hope in its proper place, and to become completely released from the fear of man!

This is the time for U.S. citizens to exercise our faith in such a way that each of us can find a treasure that we never understood before, a treasure that many of our dear friends in other nations have already found: absolute and unquestionable faith in Jesus Christ and in no one else! This will result in a win/win outcome for whoever chooses the Lord in this election.


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