Being a Redemptive Responder

It is quite human for significant cultural developments—such as a national election—to deeply influence our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. From elation to despair, the full continuum of emotion at the outcome is often deeply charged.

We must fight to retain a correct perspective, and resist the impulse to allow circumstances to cloud our judgment about what’s important and what’s significant.

Today, as voters in the United States choose a new president, we must all—citizens of the U.S. or not—make sure to keep a few important truths in mind:

  1. God is sovereign and in full control.
    God won’t be surprised by the election results, even though we may be. And though we may be greatly challenged to understand what He’s doing, we can trust Him. Spending time with God and seeking His perspective is what each of us needs!
  2. Trust in the Lord.
    Whenever we face difficult circumstances, the first place we must lead our hearts and minds is to an intentional (and sometimes irrational) trust in the Lord. This builds our faith and creates a foundation that will not be shaken!
  3. Be thankful.
    God’s plan is in full swing. A thankful-in-all-circumstances heart influences our own thinking, impacts those around us, and glorifies God. This is our calling.
  4. Pray for the new president.
    This is a massive opportunity given to us by God to influence our nation and the world. As we lift up and support our new president through prayer, God works!
  5. Pray for each other.
    Pray that we would not lose heart but would fix our eyes on Jesus. Whatever differences of opinion are revealed on this day, we must—with a joyful heart—hold each other up in prayer. Our hope resides in Christ, not in our earthly leaders.
  6. Be a witness.
    We serve a redemptive God and we are called to be part of his redemptive work. How can you join Him today? How can your attitude reflect the nature of Christ? How can your love for others abound and testify to the love of Jesus to all who see you?

Every day is filled with opportunities to represent Christ and to point others to Him. Doesn’t this give you purpose? Doesn’t this give you hope? Doesn’t this excite you about what Election Day brings?

Today, choose to be a redemptive thinker and a redemptive responder—bringing glory to God by serving our redemptive king.

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