One per second

What do you think is the leading cause of death in the world today?

Chances are, whatever you answered is likely to be in top ten: heart disease, stroke, cancer, COPD, pneumonia. You know what’s not on any published top-ten list? Abortion.

Coronary heart disease kills more people than any other cause: about 7 million a year, globally. Abortion has already killed 7 million people by late February. Every year. By year’s end, abortion will have ended the lives of more than 46 million people. Every year.

The one-plus million people who die each year from road injuries are appropriately considered “people.” But the 5,000% more victims of abortion aren’t considered at all. For those of us who acknowledge and defend the status of preborn people as actual people, this reality catapults abortion to the top of any and every “cause of death” list.

How can we—God-loving, Jesus-imitating people—bump abortion down the list?

We can acknowledge the status of the preborn person as a human being.

We can challenge the legality of abortion in a way that honors women and the preborn children in their wombs.

We can offer compassionate and non-judgmental alternatives to abortion that demonstrate care for mother and child, both before and after birth.

If we can do any (or all) of these things, should we not try? And even though we can’t do these things for every one, can we not do them for one? Let us, the people of God, lead an effort to elevate the preborn child to her rightful position as a full-rights member of the human race, worthy of protection and defense.

Let us, the people of God, not be so distracted by our own private pursuits that we fail to intercede for the most hidden of people groups as its members, defenseless preborn children, suffer and die in silence at a rate of more than one per second. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. Every year.


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