Capitol Without Capital

How does a nation recover after it has relinquished its spiritual equity? In the United States, it is a long-standing tradition for the incoming President to swear the oath of office with the left hand on a Bible, and the right hand raised. But what’s the point of this act if not to recognize God and His guiding principles, as written in the Book upholding the oath?

In the United States, our moral foundation is crumbling, and we have lost our way. I am deeply concerned at the complicity of voters—of myself—in electing unfit men and women into prominent leadership roles.

Our nation’s Constitution ensures that we are on this ship together, and it is both during the storms and during the calm that we must work together for the common good…but when there’s no agreement about which goods are actually common, mutiny becomes a real threat.

The spiritual capital upon which this nation was founded has diminished greatly in recent years. The church has been sidelined, many Christian leaders have been compromised, and the Body of Christ is often silent on crucial issues. Our moral compass is no longer oriented to the Bible as magnetic north, and we are in desperate need of search and rescue.

How do we find our way back?

  1. Our nation must bow its national knee to our global leader, Jesus Christ. We must demonstrate—and not just sayIn God we trust.”
  2. As a nation we must recognize and repent of our sin, and ask forgiveness for the ways in which we have turned away from our God and relied on our own “wisdom.”
  3. We must turn to God’s Word for guidance and obey His instructions. We must apply His truth in our courtrooms, our legislatures, and our halls of justice.
  4. We desperately need to understand who God says we are, and who He says we are not. In the past we were a nation who more deeply cared about the plight of the poor and oppressed in our own nation and in other nations. We must recapture this high calling.
  5. Our nation must take literally the admonishments of 2 Chronicles 7:14. This ultimate if/then statement can be true for our nation!

It’s too late…the ship has sailed, you may be thinking. The nation and our world sure seem “post-Christian.” But there is no such thing as post-Christian! The Kingdom of Heaven is eternal! The primacy of Christian principles and tradition may have declined in the United States, but the Body of Christ throughout the nation and the world is alive and active and growing and thriving (even, sometimes, in the midst of intense persecution)!

Followers of Jesus Christ, in the United States and in every nation, we must not be complacent and we must not despair! The Kingdom of God is at hand, and it is in this kingdom where He has made a home for us…and for all of those who would call upon Him as their Lord and Savior.

We can see an increase of spiritual capital in our capitols if we receive God’s correction, abandon our worldly pursuits, increase our care of the widow and the orphan (and the alien and the refugee), and return Christ to His rightful position as our global leader.

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