An Omnipotent Travel Agent

“We regret to inform you, sir, but the airline you were flying on has been shut down.”

The whole airline?

This was the unwelcome revelation delivered to me and my colleague, Anne Nelson, when we were on route to Moldova. I’ll back up to tell you how we got there, and where we ended up. The journey was an unexpected one for us, but not for God! He knew where we were going all along, because He was our travel agent.

Anne and I were traveling from Kiev, Ukraine, to Chisinau, Moldova. We landed in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where we needed to change planes. We debarked down a set of stairs in the middle of the tarmac, with subzero winds swirling all around us. As the few other passengers started walking one direction, we watched our luggage pass us in the opposite direction, carried in the back of a pickup truck. We hustled after our bags.

When we caught up to the truck, the driver was gone, and we were alone with our bags, to which we helped ourselves. Completely disoriented—and freezing!—we stood there with our luggage, wondering what to do, when a taxi pulled up. After a brief conversation, we learned that we were at the wrong airport! The correct airport was across town, and the driver kindly took us there.

We had to wait several hours for the ticket counters to open, only to be told that the government of Moldova had completely shut down the airline that had held our tickets. The airline no longer existed! We were stuck!

Exhausted and frustrated, though safe, we prayed earnestly for guidance, or even a miracle…which is what we were about to get! Just then, Swissair opened their ticket counters and we approached, entreating them to honor our tickets…which they did! They had to create a new, circuitous itinerary—from Ukraine through Austria, on to Romania, then back to the United States—but we made it home!

During this excursion and along its unexpected waypoints, we were reminded by the Lord that we could trust Him to order our steps (and travel itineraries!) every day; He goes with us and before us as we trust Him to lead. International travel is usually interesting, but our daily journey with the Lord is always a great adventure!




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