Navigating the Curves of Life

My wife, Gail, and I love to ride our Victory cruiser, feeling the wind on our faces and the sun on our backs. Our most enjoyable rides are on the scenic back roads of Northern Michigan, with its small towns that never fail to draw us in. But we’re also aware of the potholes, gravel, hills, and curves that cause us to work closely together as we ride.

When we approach a sharp curve, we need to execute a slowdown or a lean to successfully navigate the curve. Much depends on Gail here; she needs to cooperate with me. If we slow while turning, she can’t push me into the windshield or lean the opposite way. If we take a curve at speed, both of us need to lean, and let the bike carry us through the curve. Curves can be tricky! I never look at what’s immediately in front of me; I always look beyond in order to successfully navigate the curve.

Navigating the curves of the road has taught me many things about navigating the curves of life.

  1. Every curve requires a lean. There are times when I’ve felt that the curves were too sharp or sudden, but Gail has encouraged me by leaning with me. This has strengthened our resolve as a married couple.
  2. Every curve requires looking beyond it. While riding, if you focus on a curve, instead of what’s beyond it, you could be thrown off. A long view in life has given us the ability to move forward with hope, joy, and peace. We can trust the Lord with what lies beyond the curve.
  3. Every curve requires cooperation between the driver and the rider. Navigating the curves of life together has been a building block for our marriage and for our family. Past curves have strengthened our ability to handle the stress of the surprise curves that always come. Your rider need not be a spouse. Friends and family members are often ideal companions!
  4. How we handle the curve impacts others. The more successful that Gail and I were at navigating the curves gave our children the confidence to face their own curves. And in the workplace, leaders can model how their teams handle the inevitable curves.

There’s no avoiding the curves of life, so you can either learn to navigate them…or you may end up in a ditch. God holds the map, so trust Him to guide you through every curve. When you do, you can relax, soak in the sun, and enjoy the open road ahead of you.


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