Lamborghinis and Baby Livers

Last summer we learned of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the trafficking of fetal body parts. This exposure—in the form of a series of undercover videos—was met with incredulity on all sides. On the daily news you were just as likely to hear, “This horror is happening in our nation?!” as you were to hear, “Nothing illegal is happening here!”

Regardless of the legality of the methods used to capture the hidden-camera footage of Planned Parenthood employees, the footage speaks for itself. I was stunned by the nonchalance of these employees, casually negotiating the exchange of human body parts. How’s your wine? This salad is delicious. How much would you pay for a fetal liver? I’d like to make enough money off these body parts to buy a Lamborghini.

It is right that these activities were exposed. A large segment of our population is knowingly complicit in these activities (and any individual who pays federal income tax, by the way, has contributed to the organization responsible). To remain silent in the face of such knowledge is to dishonor the Creator as well as His creation: human life, made in His image.

But something is missing in the release of these videos. While my stomach turned at the on-screen horror—trays of fetal body parts being sifted for their fiscal value—my spirit was grieved by the callousness of the individuals captured on video. What would drive a person to this level of depravity?

Not what, I suppose, but who? This is the work of the wicked one! He mocks the Creator by destroying His image-bearers during abortion, while he persuades others to participate in the destruction…then presides over the creation of an entire industry around the macabre products! This is the hidden horror behind these videos, and it broke my heart to see.

“Kurt,” The Lord said to me, “do you believe that I died on the Cross for that abortionist? That harvester of body parts? That researcher who purchases them? That politician who defends the practice? I came that they too might have abundant life.”

As I watched these videos, and as I now consider the opportunities set before me each day, I am challenged to be a reflection of Jesus to others. I struggle most to emulate Jesus to those in whom I see no likeness of myself, but then God reminds me that we are both sinners, and we both are in desperate need of a Savior! I may never dismember a human being, or joke about it over cocktails, but I do grieve the Lord every day with my own sin. This sobering truth changes everything, and we must never forget it.

Our world’s violations of the sanctity of human life have a spiritual root, and they require a spiritual solution. The battle for eternity future is already won, and our Lord is victorious. But the destiny of millions of people—including the preborn child and the abortionist—is yet unknown. Their only hope—my only hope, your only hope, the world’s only hope—rests in the open arms of Jesus Christ, the Giver of Life.

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