Faces of Valuing Others

Recently we celebrated my granddaughter’s first birthday. We were so excited to celebrate her life that we didn’t even wait until her party to give her our gift! Birthday celebrations and gifts are an example of demonstrating the value of others. These expressions of kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity come most easily toward those whom we love.

As I reflect on my love for my precious granddaughter, and how much I value her, I’ve identified a few common expressions, or faces, of valuing others:

  • We had a HEART connection.
  • We made TIME for the special occasion.
  • We LISTENED to her gleeful sounds.
  • We ENJOYED her enjoyment.
  • We had a FUTURE ORIENTATION as we considered her gift.

Jesus is the author of each of these expressions, and when we show these faces to others, we are being Jesus to them. But we must always prioritize the ultimate face of value toward others, one that’s not included in the list above, the one expression that always sets apart a Christ-follower: to show the utmost value toward another, we must seek every opportunity to introduce him or her to Jesus.

If we don’t truly value others, we won’t seek to share the good news with them…and they will continue down a path toward eternal separation from God. That doesn’t seem very pro-life!

The greatest pro-life initiative ever to take place in the history of mankind was when God sent His Son to die for you and me on Calvary’s Hill, so that we might have life with Him for eternity. This is how much God the Father valued human life! We are called to be a reflection of Him on this earth to the billions of people who don’t know Him.

If we claim to be pro-life wouldn’t we desire to follow the one who is the greatest life-giver ever? The greatest gift ever given to mankind is in our possession, but it is not meant for us alone. Why wouldn’t we want to share this eternal gift with others?

Heaven is waiting for us to join the Father in this global effort of redeeming His creation, of revealing the faces of value to those made in His image. So, as you look at others, ask yourself: have they received the most precious gift ever offered? Will you choose to value them enough to take a risk and share the Good News?


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