Showing the Way Home

Years ago, I was driving into work when I encountered a sight that brought me to a halt: a squirrel, running in circles in the middle of the street. This run-of-the-mill squirrel was in a unique predicament: his head was stuck inside a foam cup! The lid had allowed him to get his head into the cup, but now he couldn’t get his head out. Hence the panic…and the frantic running around in the middle of morning traffic.

Being the first person on the scene, I had a clear choice: run him over or stop to help. I’m a life-giver, by occupation and by conviction, so you know what choice I made: I got out of my car in the middle of the street, and I pursued the squirrel.

Traffic had backed up, horns were honking, and voices were raised. Nearby cars could witness the spectacle, but the more distant cars could only see some guy in a suit…hunched over and running in circles in the middle of the street. How many of them must have thought, “This guy has flipped.”

Finally, I caught up with the critter, grabbed the cup, and plucked it off his head. Pop! After gazing at me for a moment—was that relief I saw on his face?—he scampered up the nearest tree…leaving me standing in the street holding an empty coffee cup. Horns blaring, people laughing, other voices raised with non-life-giving words!

Driving away, reflecting on this unusual morning, I asked the Lord what He wanted me to learn from my encounter. “This is what you do every day, Kurt.” But, Lord, this has never happened. I don’t meet cup-bound squirrels every day. “Yes, you do. You take the blinders off those who are blind and lost…and you show them the way home.”

To all of you who stand for life: keep pressing on and don’t give up. Many life-givers, in scores of nations, are stepping out into the street and daily embracing challenging circumstances. They step out of their comfortable cars into the confused, frightened lives of young women and families who need a helping hand…all while politically correct horns are blaring in their faces.

But they are not hindered. These individuals press on, engaging authentically in real-life circumstances, offering a message of hope with the helping hand of love. It takes courage to do what they do every day, and these are the brave, humble ones that I would stake the world’s future on.

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