The Necessary Journey Called Brokenness

Before I ride my motorcycle I like to prepare. I check the weather and road conditions, then make sure that I have the necessary gear. I also check the map to determine the best route to my final destination. All of this preparation creates a more enjoyable journey.

While the final destination on the journey of brokenness is desirable, the ride itself includes unexpected turns and detours. Weather and climate changes—sometimes extreme—can create undesirable challenges and hardships. The journey is often difficult, but it is necessary if each of us is to become a person who God can use.

The degree to which we are broken is the degree to which we can be used by God. Broken a little, used a little. Broken a lot, used a lot. It’s a pretty simple concept, but it’s a useful one for me: it gives me hope when I am in the breaking process.

Humility is a crucial component of this journey; it allows the Lord to do His perfect re-imaging in our lives. Humility and cooperation with God can speed up the process, while attempting to go our own way will only slow things down. With cooperation, brokenness is a tool in the hands of a loving God who is seeking to form us into a person He can use to accomplish His purposes.

When we cooperate with God, we can expect to experience growth and freedom in the following areas:

  • Brokenness corrects pride by paving the way of true humility. This releases us from the black hole of trying to please men.
  • Brokenness corrects ego by increasing our desire to love and serve others.
  • Brokenness corrects controlling behavior by recognizing God’s sovereignty. We cannot be in better hands than in the hands of the Potter.
  • Brokenness corrects self-sufficiency by demonstrating God’s unique provision apart from our efforts.
  • Brokenness reveals our weaknesses and opens the gates to unleash God’s reserve of strength meant uniquely for us.
  • Brokenness increases our identity in Christ and decreases our identity in our accomplishments, position, title, and reputation.
  • “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30) becomes our goal and our focus!

I have discovered that—as I submit to this breaking work of God in my life—my compassion and understanding for others who are going through a breaking time increase significantly. Additionally, I find my judgment of others decreasing significantly.

The final destination of the journey is a servant heart that is more useful for God’s purposes. With this heart, we desire to please God more than anyone in our lives. Let us trust God for the map, the gear, and the weather report and set on for the exhilarating ride of the (necessary) journey of brokenness!

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