Collision of Kingdoms

The United States Supreme Court ruled last week that same-sex marriage is legal in all fifty states. This decision created a collision between my love and devotion to God and His Kingdom, and my love for my nation. How did this decision impact you? Are you elated? Are you discouraged? Are you determined to keep fighting for traditional marriage, or are you celebrating this decision? What is your position? How do believers address this issue with compassion, understanding, and truth? How do we respond as Jesus would?

As Christians, we are charged with the difficult task of compassionate truth-telling. This has never been easy—just ask the apostles—but it is particularly difficult in a time of cultural ferment and sexual revolution. Compassionate truth-telling requires the church to speak from its deepest convictions while demonstrating the love of Christ—speaking truth that will be heard as a hard message while demonstrating the love of Christ through the very act of telling the truth. Compassionate truth-telling means, not only the accurate presentation of biblical truth, but the prayerful and urgent hope that the individuals to whom we speak will be transformed by that truth and respond to the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

– R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. From Sex and the Supremacy of Christ (edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor).

During these days of moral confusion we must turn to the Scriptures and the person of Jesus—and not to the Supreme Court—to give direction and be our moral authority. Christ, and not the U.S. government, is our only hope. Let us not be dismayed as we are caught in the inevitable revolution of a culture that has chosen to turn from the design of its Creator.

I encourage you to develop a theology of biblical sexuality: examine how God designed sexuality and seek to biblically discern the difference between God’s view of sexuality and the world’s view. (Scriptures that relate directly to this issue are found in Romans 1 and Leviticus 18 & 20. Piper’s book is also a very good foundation.)

Every human being is valuable and loved by God, regardless of their sexual orientation, and every human being deserves to be treated with dignity. Every human being also deserves to be told the truth in a compassionate and loving way. The world needs Jesus now more than ever, and He can be seen most clearly through His people. Let’s imitate Him in truth and love—authentic love for others that is only possible as we allow ourselves to be filled with the love of Christ and the truth of God’s Word.

Let’s show the world Jesus in response to this Supreme Court decision.

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ is available here as a free download.

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