Our Greatest Hope

As we see the world around us seemingly grow more hostile and dangerous, how are we to think and respond? It seems like the way I think and the way the world around me thinks are becoming further and further apart. How do I retain clarity in my beliefs and convictions and, at the same time, nurture a Godly perspective amid growing hostility toward the biblical Christian worldview? I’ve listed several action points that have been helpful for me.

I must understand that God is in absolute control and, because He is sovereign, His plan for mankind will be accomplished. All that we are experiencing is no surprise to Him. I must keep my heart and mind focused on Him. Hebrews 12:1-3 have been key verses for me during this time.

I must be intentional about placing my hope and trust in God, not in our government. I call this “shifting from DC to JC.” I do not have the same expectations for DC that I have for JC. I would never equate these two, so why not reflect that conviction in my life? I have limited optimism for what originates in DC. On the other hand, I have every reason to be optimistic because of JC. Bottom line, when it really matters, it is irrelevant who rules in the White House and it is eternally significant who reigns in my house! Only in this area do I have full control and responsibility.

I must act only as God leads me. The Lord may prompt me to pen a letter, make a phone call, write a post, or tweet a thought on a given subject, but only as He leads me. This requires time alone with Him: abiding with Him and being intentional about talking with him in prayer. I must not act out of emotions that are prompted by the statements or actions of a politician about whom I know very little. The media does not help us here, because rarely do we hear the full context of political statements from any media source—conservative or liberal.

I need to limit media input. Recently I cut back on my daily dose of a particular news channel that I happen to think is correct in their analyses most of the time. I just could not handle the volume of negativity being heaped on my mind, leaving me with very little hope for the future. But other news channels seemed to distort or withhold truth regularly—and this served only to rile me up. I have been reminded that I am responsible not only for what I allow into my brain, but also for what I do with that information. I am trying to be life-giving in my thoughts, my words, and my actions. But I can only be life-giving as much as I reflect the Life-Giver himself. Therefore, I need more time with him and less time with the media.

I need to keep prayer as the greatest influence upon my heart, and scripture upon my mind. Scripture is clear about praying for our leaders, so I’m praying daily for our President, the House, and the Senate—and I challenge you to do the same. Our greatest hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ, not in Washington, DC! But we are still called to pray for our leaders regularly. When we pray for someone, inevitably our hearts are transformed and become more like God’s heart for that person.

This is God’s way, and His way has a hope that continuously surpasses all of my expectations! This is what I need. This is what the world needs! How about you?


  • Thank you Kurt… This very subject has weighed on my heart as well…. Recently I heard my cousin (Jerry) preach on how will we finish? He was teaching out of nehemiah… He said..God gives us all walls to build for the His Kingdom… All believers of course have the wall of “seeking & saving the lost”. Then He gives us walls like….saving the unborn….feeding hungry…etc… Then he said …then we can find ourselves saying “one of these days I’m going to get back to that wall and finish”. Jerry question was. What distracts you from your wall? What pulls you away? As I read you blog…I was reminded of those questions…. I to have cut back on the news….and now ignore those issues on social media… I realized that I have be prayerful cautious on what I let shallow me up…. My survival in the days is depends on being shallow up by His Word…Prayer….His presence…. Beyond survival…its empowering me to stay & finish my Kingdom wall.

    Thanks Kurt for placing these truths before us. In Jesus…Bob

    • Thank you Bob. The Lord is with you and using you in ways you will only discover in glory. You are a incredible man of God that I admire and respect. Thank you for staying the course no matter how difficult things have been or become.

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