Releasing Resources means Releasing Life

One of the most effective means for LIFE International to accomplish our mission is to release resources–no strings attached–to our faithful partners. We have an open-handed approach with all that God has given us toward those in need of our materials. In this way we see the message of life spreading all over the globe.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Recently we shared life-giving and life-saving materials (Bible-based brochures, flipcharts, and training manuals) with key leaders in China. They, in turn, equipped others with that material. We are regularly hearing stories of lives being changed, transformed, and saved as a result of this distribution.

Here is an email I just received from a partner in China:

I just saw this post on my friend’s social media account: “Please pray for me. I’m nervous and about to meet with —, who is pregnant and wants to abort. Pray that she sees the truth and saves her baby!”

Guess what this sister was holding in her hand [in the photo from the post]: The LIFE International flipchart.

Had it not been for you and that resource, she may never have found herself with the knowledge and courage to do what she was doing in that moment! Thank you.

Let’s get more resources into the hands of the Chinese church!!!

The power of truth increases its impact exponentially after it has been withheld or repressed, because–when it’s discovered–eyes are opened and hearts are transformed. It’s like a treasure that’s found after a lifetime of searching. The flipchart referenced in this email is one of those treasures. It was developed by our creative staff at LIFE International and it’s having a huge impact around the world. It is a tool that reveals in detail the development of a baby from conception to birth.

You may be surprised to know that the majority world does not have access to this information. In some places this information is intentionally withheld. In fact, you may be surprised that a growing population within our own country do not understand the development of the baby in the womb because they have not been taught the fundamentals of human development.

This life-giving information is not readily available to the majority of the world. When people receive this information, their lives are often never the same. We are determined to get this life-saving information to as many people around the globe as possible. It simply saves lives.

One of the most revealing comments we hear every time we teach this material is, “I never knew, I never knew…Now that I know the truth about how God forms human beings in the womb, I am more in awe of Him!”

When this truth is revealed, lives are transformed. Additionally, people fall more in awe of God the more they understand the absolute miracle of life.

We should never underestimate the power of truth. The truth of the human being developing in the womb is desperately needed by the world. By releasing these resources, we are releasing life, and lives are being transformed and preborn people are being saved.

One comment

  • Hello Kurt: I stumbled across your blog looking for information on another ministry ; )

    Are you currently on the mission field in China? I have friends there who are “English Teachers.” They have commented on, and cried out for prayer for, the apathy that exists in many fervent Christians in China toward abortion. They say abortion is so pervasive that the Church doesn’t have a deep conviction about it, and many – if not most – women (married women!) are postabortive. Are you finding this to be true? It seems that any effort there must be supported by massive amounts of prayer and fasting, just to change the heart of the Church.

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