Being a Voice for The Voiceless

Being a voice for those who have no voice can be uncomfortable and very challenging. It means speaking for those who are being silenced by others. Traditionally in the pro-life arena this meant being a voice for the preborn children who are threatened by abortion.

There is no question: we must be a voice for the preborn! But today it is not only the preborn who have no voice. The voices of young children, Christians, and those targeted for their beliefs are being brutally silenced. We are seeing before our eyes, almost every night on the news and the internet, atrocities against human beings, image-bearers of God. This reality creates such fear in our minds and hearts that a global silence has been emerging. This silence is deafening!

All around the world while this horror movie is being played on our screens we watch silently. Daily more Christians and innocents are being captured by ISIS, and we still remain silent.

Our silence can be inhumane!

Our silence can be destructive!

Our silence can be disobedient!

But silence can be a motivator!

Has your soul been awakened by the voiceless in our world to the point that you must act? What is our call to action? What can we do? Here are a few ideas for starters:

1. Be intentional with focused, earnest, fervent prayer that is guided by the Spirit of God. Prayer is the most underutilized gift God has given us and now is the hour for all believers to fall on their knees and ask the all-powerful God of the universe to intervene on behalf of the persecuted. Consider using

Let’s also pray for great wisdom for our leaders to not only hear but to know how and when to take action.

2. Be a life-giving person toward others. Take every opportunity to bless someone. Speak life-giving words into their lives. Begin in your homes with your family members. Then your neighbors. Then your workplace. Push back this death march with a movement of life that begins simply with your words.

3. Recruit others to join the movement of life. Valuing life will nurture more life. It spreads. Others will join you because they value life just like you. Encourage others to be life-thinking, life-giving people in their daily interactions.

4. Pray for the persecutors.  Allow the Lord to show us His heart for persecutors and to guide us how to pray. We need the Lord to help us rethink and then re-image how we view all the inhumane activity: How does He view it? How does He view them? These perpetrators of atrocities are deeply deceived and are in desperate need of the Savior.

Jeremiah 32:17 reminds me, “Ah Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by Your power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You.”

As we allow ourselves to be re-imaged into His likeness in thought and action, His life wins! His life wins in our own hearts in our personal battle against sin, and then He spreads His abundant and full life to those around us.

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