Vision Endurance

One of the worlds most established death culture’s was created by the ruthless Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceusescu over a period of forty years. He developed his personal secret police that spied on and controlled the populace during a ruthless and horrific domination of government over the people from the early 40s to the late 80s. Many people died because of their faith in Christ during those years of tyranny. You may remember Richard Wurmbrand’s testimony and book, “Tortured for Christ”. His brutal experience , being tortured for years in prison because of his faith in Christ occurred during this time period. Ceusescu was finally overthrown by the Romanian people during a national uprising in December 1989.
During the late 80s and early 90s a young medical student began developing a deep conviction to value life as a skilled healer for the people. Little did we know we would become dear friends and partner together in ministry for the cause of life. We met in the fall of 1997 and The Lord placed a vision on Dr. David’s heart then and it has never died. We have been privileged to partner with David for those sixteen years and I’m here now, with him in celebrating all that The Lord has done over these years.
When we first began this work together we could not fully appreciate all that The Lord was up to. Thousands of women have been loved and cared for receiving medical care that they could not get anywhere in this region of Romania. Thousands of students in the school system have heard the biblical sexuality message, many families have been restored, multitudes of babies saved and hundreds have come to know Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.
When we first began this work Romania had the highest abortion rate in the world. Villages were disappearing because more people were dying than being born. Death had truly ravaged this incredible people group. Today Romania no longer has the highest abortion rate in the world. The value of life is slowly being restored.
Dr. David’s vision is simple. He initiated a health care clinic that would generate income to sustain the counseling services of Clinica Pro Vita, which would provide pregnancy education, intervention and women’s health. It has proven to be very successful. The clinic and ministry is not dependent on North American money to operate. He has proven a thriving business can support a high impact ministry within Romania.


For the first fourteen years the clinic rented space for its operations and services. Because of increasing rental expenses every year, it became apparent that it was not being financially profitable enough to sustain the ministry aspect of the operation. A plan was established to build their own clinic.
The clinic project cost 300,000 euro. One third of this cost was first raised from within Romania, the next third from Europe and final third from the US. Four doctors are currently employed and one more will be added soon. Together they are beginning to generate the income to not only sustain the ministry in Cluj but Dr. David’s vision is calling for a life giving ministry to be established in 25 key cities throughout Romania. This vision is well on its way and with this model it will become a reality.
Please join with me in celebrating the opening of the new offices of Clinica Pro Vita and also join me in thanking the Lord for sustaining this ministry through many challenges in a very difficult culture. Today this ministry is standing strong because He has done it!

Dr. David Ille in front of the new clinic in Cluj , Romania.

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