The issue that is Known that no one Knows

Last night while debriefing with our team after a full day of training in Ahmedabab, India, one of our guests made a profound statement, “this issue you are addressing with the pastors is a well-known issue that no one knows about. ” He went on to explain that everyone knows that abortion occurs but because no one is willing to preach on it, no one knows about it. This sounded all too familiar to me.
But to allow the pastors a little break on this issue , the predominate comment we receive from pastors all over the world is the same; “why haven’t we heard this message before?” This always catches me by surprise. Never the less, we hear this very same comment every where we go to train church leaders . And I believe they are honest is stating it. I can see it in their eyes as they realize what they have personally participated in. Dear friends of mine, after going thru this training they will tell me, as a pastor I have sent my wife to have several abortions or, I have counseled many to have an abortion because it was not a human until five months or confessions significantly more consequential involving other dehumanizing behaviors.
I have learned that with all the training of church leaders around the world today, including seminars, seminaries, church planting efforts, humanitarian efforts , and individual churches partnering with churches overseas, no one is teaching on this issue.
We have discovered a major flaw in the global education effort of the church. By the way, this includes the church in North America.
As I am writing this blog, our team is presenting on the abortion procedure. The pastors hearts are glued to the information. They tell me they have never heard this teaching before. This includes the teaching that every life is valuable, and of equal value to others including, the Pre born, the elderly, the orphan, the sick, the diseased, women, the poor and those born in a different caste.
Some of the pastors right now are beginning to weep as they realize what they have allowed, promoted and personally participated in. The Holy Spirit is speaking and convicting. The pastors are responding as they pray with one another, confessing these matters to each other. They are beginning the healing process in there lives.
Today, sixty church leaders will know the truth. They will be set free. They will impact hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions. That is our prayer at least, because the world is in desperate need to hear this message.


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