Wedding Bells Growing Louder

One of the most challenging things as a father is to give your daughter away to another man in marriage. I have done this once with my daughter Maggie and on July 8, I will be doing this again with my daughter Abby.

Of course, many things have led up to this moment and I did as any father would do. I made the process as difficult as possible for this young man by setting up standards and keeping a close watch and not being to friendly. After all, this is my charge as a dad commissioned by God, to love and protect my daughters! Everyone interprets this differently and acts accordingly. For me it is one of the most important things I could ever do and therefore being a friend has not been a priority, being a dad has been. This would not be a surprise to most of you reading this blog.

I suspect I have been too tough at times, and not as tolerant as some would prefer. But, when all is said and done, everything I have hoped for, and others as well, has occurred.

Both young men have exceeded my expectations and have accomplished what many would not have been willing to attempt. They faced me with confidence and clarity of mind. They revealed to me an inner strength that is rooted in their identity in Christ. They honored the values that are part of our family and they have exceeded them.

Mark who married my daughter Maggie four years ago is an amazing young man whom I’ve grown to respect and love as my own son. He knows my daughter well and he has cared for her just as the Lord has designed it to be. I am so grateful as a dad to have him as a son who is doing such a great job caring for Maggie.

I anticipate the same for Tyler as he prepares to take on the responsibility of loving and caring for Abby. I can see the joy on her face when he comes into the room. I have seen the security she feels when he guides them in decision-making knowing he is keeping her a priority. I have been with them laughing, crying, arguing and just doing life. I am so thankful for such a fine man Tyler is. I believe he is so good for Abby! I’m excited to see Tyler and Abby grow into all God has for them as a couple.

And so I truly am a fortunate father who is not only seeing two young men care for my daughters as I had always hoped, but they both are exceeding my expectations. Mark continues to amaze me as he excels in loving Maggie. Thank you Mark!

Tyler, by being such a godly young man, standing firm in your faith, and complimenting Abby in every area of her life, you are making it much easier for me to walk down that aisle July eight, placing her hand into yours and saying, her mother and I give her to you.


  • You are a good Dad and a good man Kurt Dillinger. All of the women in your life are blessed to have you, and Calvin too, seeing such a good example. Soak in all the next few days hold for you and your family. The Lord is honoring you and Gail, Abby and Tyler for placing him at the center of all of this. Blessings as you celebrate, and sending joy and love to you all.

  • Beyond sweet, precious and glorious! Thank you for giving your girls the secure hearts they’ve needed to choose the men the Lord brought them. Generations of blessings will flow as a result! Agreement blessings from the Ellison’s!

  • You should print that out and send a copy to Mom. She would love to read it . It is so beautiful. Thanks for writing it. Can’t wait for the wedding!

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