One Hundred Sixty Million Gone

Sex selection has impacted our globe in ways that we will never fully comprehend. We have ventured into an unknown territory by creating our own social design by believing the world is over populated and therefore we began the process of reducing population significantly thru reproductive health (abortion) for women world-wide. Interestingly women have become the primary victim of this design. This may fall into the category of unintended consequences but never the less, the consequences are severe!

We do know that over 160,000,000 women are missing in just South East Asia because belief systems and finances have declared they are less valuable than males. Ready access to abortion in over 170 countries in our world has opened the door wide for sex selection placing the girl child at a higher risk than ever before in the history of our planet.

Whenever we decide to change the natural order of Gods design, and set a course of our own design, serious consequences will surely follow. The current results of providing abortion world-wide is female infanticide. This creates gender-imbalanced societies and countries that are inevitably violent and unstable.

These issues are impacting a wide range of countries from China and India to the Balkans and pockets of the US. All of this is our own doing. As a people we believed Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was correct in accepting her belief that certain populations of society needed to be reduced. Her eugenics theories became very popular in the early 1900s.

Then we bought hook line and sinker the belief that the world is overpopulated as we all consumed the book, “The Population Explosion” by Paul Ehrlich in the 1970s. We allowed this book to influence our policy makers resulting in a global effort to reduce population by abortion.

And now in 2012, we are seeing the horrific results of our social engineering efforts, a world growing more violent and the rapid devaluing of human life of every age, specifically pre-born females.

It is time that we turn back to the designer of life. He has declared that every human life is valuable. He has created a destiny and purpose for every living soul. He has provided enough resources for every human being on earth for healthy living.

It is only mans greed that creates inequity from God’s provision. He is the only one who is able to reverse this magnificent mistake that man is imposing on himself. It is our opportunity to reverse this trend and call upon God for His divine intervention, for His grace and mercy.

And, for as long and as loud as we have the energy, we must join Him in His Life Giving efforts wherever life is being minimized, marginalized and disregarded. If we do not, 160,000,000 will just be a drop in the bucket.


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  • I was horrified to learn that America has embraced sex selection abortion. The whole world has regarded America to be the torch bearer of civilisation and advocate of equal rights for every human being reqardless of gender. What has happened to America??

    The above author of the article is right when he says there will be total calamity when we end up with more men than women in the world. May be in America you can solve the puzzle but in Africa one woman cannot be married to two husbands…

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