Four days and a Book

“Life is full” is often a response that I give to someone who asks how I’m doing. That’s a mild way to hide the reality of a life over the top rushed, hectic and busy. I don’t wear this as a badge of honor, it’s simply the reality of life right now, in fact if I’m honest,for the past thirty plus years. So God in His wonderful way of invading my schedule and plan, He re-ordered what I would be doing while in Nairobi, Kenya.

I landed on a Sunday night meeting a great friend and colleague at the airport for the pick up. We shared a meal together and he dropped me off at my hotel, the beautiful Fairview. We had plans to connect the next day and the following day. Some issues came up that required my friends complete attention for that Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday , and Thursday morning. I was stuck at the hotel for that entire time. What was I going to do? Each day I was hoping to accomplish something but the Lord wanted me to stay put and meet with Him.

Thru Gods grace he placed me in a wonderful and serene setting. I could walk garden paths talking with Him. I sat by waterfalls and listened to bird songs. When it rained I looked from my window in my room and marveled at the power of the storm and the replenishing of the earth thru the rain. On a cooler day I sat by a fireplace feeling the warmth of the fire and the heat of the sun resting upon me thru the large multi-pained classic arched window in a setting area.

God knew I needed this more than I was willing to admit. God gave me “Stop” as a gift of rest. He gave me quiet and silence so I could hear once again. God ordered these days to get a point across I needed Sabbath.

Play can happen during Sabbath as well. On the first day, after spending several early morning hours with the Lord, I went for a walk on a garden path. As I was walking I saw a man what looked like to me waving me to come to him. As I came closer, I discovered a good friend eating a late breakfast. I was shocked to see him. He was staying at a hotel behind the Fairview and I had no idea he was there. He missed the breakfast at his hotel so they sent him over to my hotel. He mentioned more of my dear friends were their with him and they would join me for lunch. God has a wonderful humor!

On Wednesday that week I ventured out and met another dear friend for a five hour fellowship. All of this was a spontaneous unwrapping of Gods design for my days.

The book I had hoped to read and reflect upon was a book on Sabbath. I never dreamed God would plan a Sabbath for me so I could really read and enjoy all that He had for me. God has a way of showing us our deepest needs without us knowing it. It took Four days and a Book to change course in my life. I pray that God will work in a similar way for you!


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