Awakening the Image

Because we are made in the very likeness of God we are created to be like Him and reflect Him in how we respond to those around us, including ourselves. Because God places such high value on human life, we are called to do the same. One way of awakening the image in us is responding to those around us the same way that God would respond to them. This way of living is key to the ministry of Life International. Being life giving as God is life giving to everyone around us. Lets explore this together!

First, to be like Christ, which is our best example of a lifegiving person, we are to respond to the Father as he did. This is life-giving to God the Father. Jesus sought to please his father in all aspects of life. This is our first priority if we are to be life givers. We are to be lovers of God obedient in all that he requests. Because this is a core reason for our existence we find our deepest fulfillment in this lifestyle.
Flowing out of this relationship with God we will develop a different perspective of ourselves and those around us

As we see so very clearly the world around us is in a global struggle. Those close to us as well as millions around the world are dealing with substantial pain and suffering.
As image bearers of God himself, we are not to run and protect ourselves from all this pain but, as a reflection of God himself dive heart first into it. I say heart first, not head first. God loved us so much that he did the most illogical thing by sending his son to die for our sin. His only son. Our minds have a difficult time trying to comprehend this kind of action. And when we have opportunity to act in even the slightest similarity, our minds tell us in a resounding way, don’t do it!
I do believe we need to use our minds as God has designed them and so I suggest we respond to the needs around us in this order, as our heart prompts us and then as our mind guides that prompting. This is a true reflection of being alive in the image of God. When we respond to the needs around us this way, the world will take notice and our Lord God will be glorified. So, together let’s re-awaken the image of God in us and make each day, each encounter count for the kingdom by reflecting him.-m

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  • Amen – dive head first indeed! the atrocities in Trinidad with crimes against our women and children certainly demands a response.

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