Fondue for Family Thanksgiving

There are many things and people I’m thankful for during this Thanksgiving Holiday but I must say I’m most thankful for my dear partner in life, my exceptional wife Gail. She defines servant, counselor, gourmet chef, organizer, coach and family glue all of which will take place over the next few days.

She will begin by making sleeping room for returning family members and their friends. Then stocking the refrig and freezer with healthy and not so healthy goods. Then the creativity will come upon her and she will create a thanksgiving meal without turkey that will facilitate not only comments of deep delight but also create an environment for fun and meaningful conversation.

This year the menu will be, Fondue. The family will enjoy the slow meal that will naturally invite conversation about everything in life. Its my job to come up with questions that avoid yes and no answers. I’m looking forward to helping create an environment of thanksgiving that will be enjoyed by all. I do believe a heart of genuine thanksgiving spreads and impacts others in such a way that they begin to express thanksgiving as well. Thanksgiving breeds thanksgiving!

The Fondue process will also create the glue for the evening by helping each family member work together, wait together, discuss meaningfully the struggle and issues of life, laugh and pray together. Gail of course will keep the conversation going in a family friendly and memorable ways.

After the Thanksgiving holiday I will communicate what actually happened but in the mean time I ask the Lord to bless each of you during this Thanksgiving season with the heart and mind of being thankful.

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